Kitesurf is Life!

Kitesurf Life LLC was created back in 2020 with the purpose of spread the love for the sport of the Gods!

In 2015 our founder Bento Pires Jr., hosted the first kitesurf trip group from Long Beach, CA to his home country of Brazil. Since then, we have hosted many others Kitetrips. 

Kitesurf life LLC USA has a sister entity in Brazil called Kitesurf Life Brasil which is a kitesurf IKO Center, developed by Bento Pires Jr in 2020, and which is now operated by his business partner Romulo Duarte.

The mission of KSL is to change lives. We know that most of our clients are looking for a once in a life-time experience, and kitesurf is a key for that.

Kitesurf is life, life is now!

Why our trips are the best?

One thing that is always guaranteed is that one way or another, you will enjoy yourself. Leave all the planning to us, we got this. You will not find another company offering the same amount of services and quality. From personalized trips, airport pick up and drop off along with transfers between hotels, friendly staff, internationally certified English speaking IKO instructors and guides, hand-picked destination hotels, guided tours with 4×4 vehicles and most of all our commitment to keeping you safe at all times whether in or out of the water, we are unmatched. The only thing we don’t do for you is pack your bags.  We’ll leave that to you.

Let us change your life with our carefully planned trips and dive head first into wonderful world of kitesurfing.

Bento Pires Jr.

IKO A. Trainer #41907
International Kiteboarding Organization 

Bachelor degree in Exercise Science

CEO & Owner at

Kitesurf Life LLC – USA

Kitesurf Life Ltda – Brasil


An avid kitesurfer for over 10 years, Bento is an IKO certified Assistant-Instructor Trainer on the path to becoming an Examiner. Since then, he has taught students ranging from 8 – 78 years old, from all over the world in Hawaii, California and Brazil, and continues to receive international teaching offers. He speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English fluently and is a university educated Physical Education and Sport Science teacher, and ex professional soccer player. He decided to change his life course and commit to living the kite surf lifestyle. His kindness, patience and attention to detail, are only some of the reasons why we nickname him “Best”. All of this would not be possible without his hard work and dedication to changing lives through kitesurfing. As he always say: “Kitesurf is life, life is now!”



Ondine Beafils

IKO Kiteboarder Level 4  #332149

Engineer – Project Manager

Ondine Beaufils has 11 years of experience kitesurfing, she is an IKO certified level 4 Kiteboarder.

She is very skillful kiteboarder and her desire to learn new tricks makes our environment shine and happy.

Our mermaid loves to kitesurf with dolphins and turtles



Juan Cammarano

IKO Kiteboarder Level 3


Juan is a great friend and loves to kitesurf! He has been kitesurfing with us in the US and joining us in our kitetrips to Brazil. His presence makes our trips super fun and funny! 

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